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វង្វេងភ្លើង Vong Veng Pleung 2017 - Lhong Fai [EP.27End]

Title: វង្វេងភ្លើង Vong Veng Pleung 2017 - Lhong Fai หลงไฟ The Writers Project: Lhong Fai , The Desire

Karnkaew, a girl studying in the province Bangkok. She can upgrade herself to a higher class when she gets an income as a courtesan. Her best friend is Chala, an unambitious girl who works as waitress to paid her credit fee. Karnkaew goes out with Gunchorn, a teacher who teaches at that school. Meanwhile she flirts with Arwut, her boss at the company, but she decides to break off with both of them, because she's wants to live a luxurious life and both Gunchorn and Arwut can't afford these things for her. So she needs to find new man who can give her a luxurious life.

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