មន្តស្នេហ៍សុភាពបុរសទាំង៥ វគ្គ៤ Mon Sneh Sopheab Boros Tang 5 IV - Besdong Dam Rong Tuers 2013 - Khun Chai Ratchanon [EP.26End]

Title: មន្តស្នេហ៍សុភាពបុរសទាំង៥ វគ្គ៤, បេះដូងតម្រង់ទិស, Gentleman of Jutathep Part 4 , The Five Brothers Part 4 , Suparburoot Jutathep Part 4 , Khun Chai Rachanon, คุณชายรัชชานนท์

Khun Chai Ratchanon is a young engineer that believes in controlling his own destiny and is the 4th brother of the Juthathep family. Anxious to escape being matchmade to a Thewaphrom girl, he found an excuse to go to Isaan to oversee a construction project. There, he met a female forest dweller who appears to be the daughter of one of the village heads in the forest. Their love proceeds in the midst of prejudice, jealousy, and envy from the people around them. But in the end, this forest dweller is actually a princess of a dethroned King. And Khun Chai Ratchanon plays an important part in his love's, the princess, return to her rightful throne.

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