ស្វាមីទុរយស Svamey Turoyos 2023 - The Betrayal

Title: ស្វាមីទុរយស Svamey Turoyos 2023 - The Betrayal เกมรักทรยศ កាមទេពស្នេហ៍ស្វាមីទុរយស Kam Tep Sneh Svamey Turoyous, Love Betrayal Game , The World of the Married , Game Rak Torrayod , Game Rak Torayot

Dr. Jenphitcha is a successful psychiatrist, a loving wife and mother. Her picture-perfect life is shattered when she suspects her husband Athin of having an affair. As Jane unravel more layers into her devious husband’s secret other life, she is enraged when it becomes clear she has been betrayed with a young college student—Kate. What ensues is a game of cat and mouse with her cheating husband and mistress. She spirals out of control—behaving in ways she never imagined—t

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