គំនុំរាជនីពស់ Komnom Reachney Pos 2007 - Naaginn

Title: គំនុំរាជនីពស់ Komnom Reachney Pos 2007 - Naaginn नागिन: वादों की अग्नपरीक्षा Naaginn: Waadon Ki Agniparikshaa

The show is based on a tale of an ichchhadhari naagin (a female snake who can change form at will) named Amrita. She transforms herself into a woman to take revenge from the Singh family, which had killed her parents (king and queen of the Naag or snake community) to get the valuable Naagmani (snake gem). While dying, the queen naaginn instructs Amrita to take revenge from the killers and get back the naagmani in their community so that she can give back life to her parents. In order to fulfill the wish of her dying naagin mother, Amrita transforms herself into a human being to take revenge. And then she gets married into the same family whose members had killed her parents. But the dilemma is that her duty as a wife and her love towards her human husband Arjun comes in the way of her revenge. After a lot of turmoil in her life, Amrita gets pregnant. However, in protecting Amrita and the unborn babies, her husband Arjun dies. All the Singh family members die, except for Arjun's grandmother Triveni. Amrita gives birth to identical twins. Triveni and Surmaya come and kill Amrita with the deadly poison, Vasuki. However, another ichhadhari snake, Kanishka, helps Amrita who wants to live for her daughters. He advises her to become a ghostly spirit so she can watch over her children. However, she will not be able to touch them and they will not be able to see her. Amrita agrees. Amrita's two daughters are about seven years old and they will look exactly like Amrita when they grow up. One daughter is with Triveni, who treats her miserably, and the other daughter is with a village woman, who soon dies. Triveni goes to the sorcerer Bhairavnath who helps her in trying to bring Amrita to the human world so she can be finished off forever. Season 1 ends with Amrita's ghost being captured.

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