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ជីវិតស្នេហ៍អ្នកនាងម្ចាស់ Chivit Sneh Nak Neang Mchas 2009 - Mae Ying [EP.26End]

Title: ជីវិតស្នេហ៍អ្នកនាងម្ចាស់ Chivit Sneh Nak Neang Mchas 2009 - Mae Ying แม่หญิง

Ornalom's father wants her to marry Taywun Wichai, a young man who comes from a good family and is very wealthy and would help back up her family who has nothing except their family name left. She is in love with Euer Itara a singer and songwriter who is famous across the skies of Thailand. Praotee is a young teacher in the university who has fallen for Euer with all her heart and believes that he feels the same way about her in return when in reality he sees her as a friend. Praam is the younger brother of Praotee and a distant relative of Euer who knows that all the while that his sister is pouring her heart into loving Euer he is still dreaming and fantasizing about Ornalom Rangsee. He is upset with Ornalom who played with Euer’s feelings and he promised to himself that if he ever meets this woman he will get rightful revenge against her for hurting a good man like Euer. Ornalom in the disguise of Orn Itsira comes to teach flower arrangements organization to Praotee and she starts meeting Praam often...

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