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វិមានលាក់ស្នេហ៍ Vimean Lak Sneh 2010 - Reun Son Ruk [EP.28End]

Title: វិមានលាក់ស្នេហ៍ Vimean Lak Sneh 2010 - Reun Son Ruk เรือนซ่อนรัก House Concealing Love , House of Hidden Love ,

Mom Dara Roong is a bitter woman, bruised by love, bruised by men and their philandering ways. Her father cheated on her mother, her lover Khun Krai cheated on her and later married another woman. She hates the male chauvinist society she is living in, but can’t escape. Roong has 3 younger sisters: Mom Dara Rut, Mom Dara Noi and Mom Dara Nitja. She loves them dearly and made them vow never to marry. Of course it doesn’t work out that way because they want relationships and they want to fall in love, but Roong’s bitterness towards life and love makes it difficult for them. Rut and Noi didn't believe her so they all got married and they left her. Each sister befalls some sort of grief with their husband whether it be adultery or poverty. Roong hated them for leaving and she didnt want to see them again. Later, Nitja also falls in love with the next door neighbor Muanglek.

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