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ទេពធីតាយ៉ព្រះក្លិន Tep Thida Yor Preah Klin 2014 - Yor Pra Klin [EP.73End]

Title: ទេពធីតាយ៉ព្រះក្លិន Tep Thida Yor Preah Klin 2014 - Yor Pra Klin ยอพระกลิ่น ใหม่ , Yorpraklin , Yord PraKlin , Yor Praklin ,

Yor Praklin is half human and half angel. Her mother and father put her inside a bamboo tree because they couldn't raise her in heaven so they sent two angels to watch over her. No one will be able to break down the bamboo tree except for her future husband. One day the prince came to the forest because he heard people saying that there was a ghost in the forest. He went and spent the night there and saw Yor praklin's shadow and followed her to the bamboo tree. He marked the tree so that he'll remember it. The next day the prince came with his servants to chop down the bamboo trees. His servants couldn't chop it down so the prince gave it a try and Yor praklin came out of the tree. She was really pretty and he fell in love with her the first sight he saw her. He wanted her to be his wife so he took her to his kingdom. The queen(pra ek's Mom) was really upset and tries to frame her in every way she can; specially saying that Yor praklin isn't human and that she ate the little kitten. The queen ordered the servants to take her to the forest and kill her but the servants felt sorry for her and didn't kill her but let her go instead. Yor praklin later meets her father and he gives her a powerful ring that can save a dead person. Her father told her to take revenge on all the people who hurted her, including her husband.

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