ស្នេហាវិលវល់ Sneha Vil Vol 2009 - Buang Ruk Gamathep [EP.32End]

Title: ស្នេហាវិលវល់ Sneha Vil Vol 2009 - Buang Ruk Gamathep บ่วงรักกามเทพ The Magic of Cupid , Cupid's Love Ring , Buang Ruk Gammatep , Buang Ruk Kamathep , Buang Rak Kammathep ,

Phubodee is summoned back to Thailand from America by his very concerned mother. They have a family crisis because his younger brother, Prawat, has fallen in love with a woman from the wrong side of the tracks, named Oranee. She is a gentle and kind woman who works as a seamstress; but, she is also a widow, 5 years older than Prawat. Phupodee is a very cold-hearted man and thinks that Oranee only wants his brother for the money and therefore condemns her and her family. His prejudice is heightened, when he meets Ornicha, the very feisty younger sister of Oranee, and a student nurse at his family's hospital. Phubodee and Ornicha frequently fight, as Ornicha is aggressive in defending her very gentle sister and encourages her against Phubodee's bullying. Nonetheless, Phupodee succeeds in separating the couple; but, only after they had secretly married and Oranee was pregnant. Ornicha takes her sister and goes into hiding. Years later, Phubodee discovers he has a nephew and tries everything to take him, but falls in love with Ornicha in the process.

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