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ខ្យល់ប្រឡែងអណ្ដាតភ្លើង Kjol Broleng Ondat Pleung 2024 - Exes & Missus

Title: ខ្យល់ប្រឡែងអណ្ដាតភ្លើង Kjol Broleng Ondat Pleung , Exes & Missus ลมเล่นไฟ Dancing Flames , Lom Len Fai

Phraphai is a skilled heart surgeon married to electrical engineer Din. The two have known each other since university and now have a three-year-old daughter named Namnile. Since becoming a doctor and mother, Phraphai has little left over for romance. Din is a romantic. He wants time with his wife, but Phraphai isn't able to give it. In a drunken state, he slips up and sleeps with Frame. To Frame, however, it wasn't a mistake. She wants more. She plans ways to make Din break things off with his wife, but Phraphai is clever. She finds out what took place and gives Din an ultimatum, only further igniting Frame's fire. From there, a full-on war of love kicks off.

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