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របាំមារ Robam Mear 2018 - Rabum Marn [EP.33End]

Title: របាំមារ Robam Mear 2018 - Rabum Marn ระบำมาร Dance Along the Edge , Devil's Dance

Artsadom a man who has two wives, has an affair with his employee Sawika. After his first wife Chalita finds out, he casts her aside. Heartbroken, Sawika commits suicide. Tawika, who is Sawika’s younger sister returns from abroad and begins to exact revenge on Artsadom and his twisted family. Tawika meets Rachada the younger brother of Satanee (Artsadom’s second wife). He tries to use reason to stop her destructive attempts at revenge. However, the pain of losing her sister is too much to bear. Tawika becomes the monster that she hates in the journey of revenge. Will Rachada be able to stop her before she ends up like her sister?

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