គំនាបបេះដូង Kom Neab Besdong 2019 - While You Were Away [EP.30End]

Title: គំនាបបេះដូង Kom Neab Besdong 2019 - While You Were Away , Opressed Heart, While You Were Away, 一切从昏睡开始

He Zi Jun (Shaun Chen) always thinks he leads a charmed life; a good job, a happy marriage and a beautiful family, until his wife Wu Shen Mei (Yvonne Lim) meets with an accident and falls into a coma. Zi Jun’s beautiful life starts to crumble as he realises that all is but a façade created by Shen Mei. He finds out that his son suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, and he has difficulty taking his rebellious daughter in hand. On top of that, he also has to manage his philandering father-in-law and debt-ridden brother-in-law. At work, he has to vie with a new ‘competitor’ Man Rong (Ya Hui) who has just joined the company. Zi Jun soon discovers that underneath the loving image of a dutiful wife, Shen Mei hides a double life. Shen Mei miraculously wakes up from her coma, but the beautiful façade has vanished. Can they still return to their picture-perfect life?

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