ស្គាល់អូនជានិស្ស័យ Skal Oun Chea Nisaiy 2022 - Love At First

Title: ស្គាល់អូនជានិស្ស័យ Skal Oun Chea Nisaiy 2022 - Love At First Bite 遇见你,真香

Xi Yue, a staunch believer of fate, meets the rational and cold Martius whom she believes bring her bad luck. Unknown to her, Martius has been quietly helping Xi Yue achieve her culinary dream. In fact, destiny was already at play since they were young. The lively and enthusiastic Xi Yue, who works as a logistic assistant at a high-end cookware company catches the attention of the scion of the company, Martius. He boldly hires the inexperienced Xi Yue to live stream a new range of cookware he designed. Although she is thrilled by the opportunity, the superstitious Xi Yue believes Martius to be her “bad luck charm” and tries to stay clear of him. Unknown to her, the cold-faced Martius has his reasons for following Xi Yue’s social media and wants to help fulfill her culinary dream. Just as Xi Yue embarks on her culinary journey, Martius’ company falls into ruins. Will Xi Yue choose to stay and help Martius rebuild his company? And will the cold and proud Martius accept Xi Yue’s help and confess his true feelings?

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សូមរង់ចាំបន្តិច វីដេអូកំពុងដំណើរការ