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គូស្នេហ៍ស្ដេច Shopping ចៅប្រុសមហាសេដ្ឋី Chov Bros Moha Sethey - Kou Sneh Sdech Shopping 2016 - Shopping King Louie [EP.32End]

Title: គូស្នេហ៍ស្ដេច Shopping - Kou Sneh Sdech Shopping 2016 ចៅប្រុសមហាសេដ្ឋី Chov Bros Moha Sethey - Shopping King Louie 쇼핑왕 루이 Syopingwang Rui , Shopaholic Louie , Shopping King Louis , Shopaholic Louis , Shopingwang Looi

The romantic comedy series “Shopping King Louie” revolves around a handsome shopaholic named Louis, who is the successor of a vast business empire but becomes homeless after suffering from amnesia. Meanwhile, Go Bok Shil, a country girl who lives a life that is worlds apart from the rich and famous, encounters Louis in Seoul. The improbable romance that unfolds between Louis, who is able to buy everything he wants, and the angelic girl, Go Bok Shil, shows the viewers that the value of true love is priceless and is not something that can be bought.

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