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រាហ៊ូចាប់ចន្ទ Rahou Chab Chan 2013 - Juntra Suriyakat [EP.38End]

Title: រាហ៊ូចាប់ចន្ទ Rahou Chab Chan 2013 - Juntra Suriyakat ចន្ទគ្រាស Chan Kreas จันทร์สุริยะคาธ Solar Moon Eclipse , Jan Suriyakat

Juntrakat and Suriyakat were angels in heaven along with Leelawadee and Songkhataewee. In order to impress the girls that they liked, Suriyakat went and took Ong In's pearl and dropped it. Ong In awaking upon the disaster punishes the two by sending them to be reborn to earth and as well with Leelawadee and Songkhataewee. The two are supposed to find two plant seeds and help out kingdoms. All the four meet when they were younger. When they grew up, Juntrakat and Suriyakat were always together and Suriyakat is always protecting his younger brother. They got separated one day. Juntrakat met Leelawadee but she wasn't happy cause she thought one time that he had bad intentions towards her. Juntrakat ended up helping out Leelawadee and her kingdom from warfare. Suriyakat on the other hand got caught up in Songkhataewee's kingdom and was said that their princess Songkhataewee was ill. So Suriyakat went and helped cured her. When she awoke, she begged her father to give in her hand in marriage with him. Suriyakat can't stay in her kingdom so Songkhataewee goes with him. They get separated on the ship during a storm made by Ong In.

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