ដុកទ័រថាង Doctor Thang 2022 ឧបសគ្គគ្រូពេទ្យជំនាញ Obsak Krou Pet Chom Neagn - Dr. Tang

Title: ដុកទ័រថាង Doctor Thang 2022 ឧបសគ្គគ្រូពេទ្យជំនាញ Obsak Krou Pet Chom Neagn - Dr. Tang 关于唐医生的一切 Everything About Doctor Tang , Guan Yu Tang Yi Sheng De Yi Qie

A female surgeon who has practiced medicine abroad for many years returns to China. She is appointed as the director of the Heart Center of Ankang Hospital, where she establishes a critical illness team and heads the project to develop artificial hearts domestically. Most people could not accept that Tang Jia Yu had come out of nowhere to become their boss. Nonetheless, she keeps on proving herself through a series of difficult operations to conquer her subordinates one by one. As the chief surgeon, Jia Yu has come to develop a good rapport with anesthesiologist Ye Yi Ming from the many times that they've worked together on the operating table. In the meantime, the operation for the first patient to receive an artificial heart turns out to be a failure. The sudden return of Jia Yu's ex-husband has prevented Jia Yu and Yi Ming's relationship from taking a step further. A proposal for cooperation with foreign equipment manufacturers is brought up again, thus pulling the plug on the R&D for artificial hearts. After experiencing double troughs in her career and love life, Jia Yu has no choice but to travel far to areas with a high incidence of congenital heart disease. Through every operation, she gradually regains her love for surgery and the confidence to return to the hospital.

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