អតីតសង្សារចាស់ Adit Songsar Chas2023 - Congrats My Ex!

Title: អតីតសង្សារចាស់ Adit Songsar Chas 2023 - Congrats My Ex! , Congrats My Ex! ลุ้นรักป่วน ก๊วนแฟนเก่า Lun Rak Puan Kuan Faen Kao

What would it be like... if you had to organise your ex's wedding? Risa and her gang of close friends—Jan and Offy—are wedding planners on the brink of bankruptcy tasked with orchestrating an extravagant wedding for Risa's ex Arun and Monica who've travelled from India with an enormous entourage of relatives. When, to complicate matters, she's forced to recruit her other ex Tim as the wedding photographer, this wedding is set for turmoil.

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