គូស្នេហ៍បុប្ផា៤ទង Kou Sneh Bopha 4 Tong 2019 - Si Mai Khan [EP.30End]

Title: គូស្នេហ៍បុប្ផា៤ទង Kou Sneh Bopha 4 Tong 2019 វាសនាបុប្ផាឆ្នើម៤ទង Veasna Bopha Chneum 4 Tong - Si Mai Khan สี่ไม้คาน See Mai Kahn , See Mai Kan , See Mai Karn

A woman has four granddaughters and she is very protective of them when it comes to men because her daughter (their mother) died due to their father's lecherous ways. Also, the eldest was hurt by an ex boyfriend. Each granddaughter will have her own man come into her life and eldest sister will have her ex lover come back into her life. Kaew is the only granddaughter that follows her grandma's order and keeps an eye out for her older sisters.

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