អន្ទាក់ឈាមស្នេហ៍ Ontak Chheam Sneh 2022 - Tie Me (K)not [EP.26End]

Title: អន្ទាក់ឈាមស្នេហ៍ Ontak Chheam Sneh 2022 - Tie Me (K)not ซ่านเสน่หา,Sun's Affection , Sun Affection , Saan Sanaeha , May You Love Me?

After enduring continuous physical and psychological abuse from her cheating husband and controlling mother-in-law, Lalita is too heartbroken to endure her marriage. When she seeks a divorce, her father disowns her. Lalita's life has been controlled by a man since birth, but no more. After the divorce, Lalita begins a journey of self-growth and advancement to prove that no girl needs a man to determine her worth. Alas, the road is filled with setbacks and obstacles. But Lalita is determined; she begins working as a model. Along the way, Lalita meets Muen Mile who wants to heal her broken heart, build her confidence and help her surmount obstacles. Because of him, she strives for a better life, one with self-respect and her father's acceptance.

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