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ម្ចាស់វិមានសួគ៌ Mchas Vimean Sour 2000 - Ban Sai Thong [EP.48End]

Title: ម្ចាស់វិមានសួគ៌ Mchas Vimean Sour 2000 - Ban Sai Thong บ้านทรายทอง Golden Sand House , Ban Saithong

After her father Phana dies, Pojaman follows his orders and goes to live with her aunt, Phanarai, in their house, Ban Sai Thong in Bangkok. Besides going there to continue her education, she also wants to find out the truth about her family. After reading her father's journal, she learns that her family is the true owner of Ban Sai Thong. While Pojaman is living in Ban Sai Thong, she is treated cruelly by her aunt and cousin, Ying Lek. Although she comes to befriend two of her cousins, who show empathy towards her. Chai Klang, the eldest son, returns home one day from an extensive business trip and comes to understand the truth of the situation regarding the home and Pojaman. He feels that it is his duty to do what is right by taking care of her and giving her back Ban Sai Thong. Little does he know that he has growing feelings towards her and their feelings are mutual. The story depicts the trials and tribulations Pojaman must suffer at the hands of her family in order to regain what was once hers as well as protect her love with Chai Klang.

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