វិថីជីវិត Vithey Chivit 2019 - Ruea Manut [EP.34End]

Title: វិថីជីវិត Vithey Chivit 2019 - Ruea Manut เรือมนุษย์ Ruer Manoot , Reun Manut

Dum is the uncle of Chaiyaporn, he takes care of his nephew because his brother doesn't have time. Then his nephew gets a girl pregnant. He must be involved with this as a parent. He meets Nitima, aunt of that girl, and falls in love with her because of her kind and smart personality. Nitima is the aunt of Pimrot, she has to do housework and take care of her niece at the same time. She handles everything about her niece's unexpected pregnancy. Kiaw is a girl who grew up in the slum, she's uneducated and ambitious. Her mother Sai taught her to do everything for money and pushes her to seduce Plao (Nitima's rich brother and owner of the house she was hired to work as a maid) in order to live a comfortable life.

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