ព្យុះភ្លើងស្នេហា Pjous Pleung Sneha 2005 - Plerng Payu [EP.24End]

Title: ព្យុះភ្លើងស្នេហា Pjous Pleung Sneha 2005 - Plerng Payu เพลิงพายุ Pchooh Komhung

Parichat used to work for a bad guy in America and he raped her. She had a baby and she gave the baby to her sister to take care of. The bad guy went to Thailand and married Payu's sister. Payu meets Parichat and first they don't get along, but they soon like each other. Parichat meets the bad guy by chance at a hotel, and she recognizes him, but he doesn't recognize her. He's a womanizer, so he tries and go after her, even though he has a wife and child. Parichat wants to get back at him for how he treated her in America, so she pretends to like him to try and get him in trouble with his wife. Payu finds out about this but not about Parichat's past, so he gets mad at her for coming onto his sister's husband. His sister goes crazy and kills herself. Payu wants revenge on Parichat so he takes her to his cabin in the forest.

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