ភូមិគ្រឹះលោហិត Phum Kres Lohit 2019 - Kaew Khon Lek [EP.23End]

Title: ភូមិគ្រឹះលោហិត , កែវកំចាត់បិសាច, Keov Komchat Beysach, Phum Kres Lohit 2019 - Kaew Khon Lek แก้วขนเหล็ก Mansion of Blood

Mekhin is a immortal spirit who's been asleep for a long time. He was awaken by a spell, and is now back for his revenge and love from the past. The only thing that can stop him is Kaew Khon Lek, a stone which can destroy spirits.

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