មន្តអសិរពិស Mon Aser Ropis 2007.- Maya Pissaward [EP.32End]

Title: មន្តអសិរពិស Mon Aser Ropis 2007.- Maya Pissaward มายาพิศวาส Thai Medusa , Illusions of Love , Maya Pitsawat , Maya Pissawat

Many years ago, a young married couple moved to an old house. The house is filled with items and statues used to worship the snake clan especially snake queen Gorgon. The wife was so disgusted that she destroyed them all. This enraged the ancient spirits and they placed a curse on her. At that time, she was pregnant with her twin daughters. So the curse was transferred to one of them, leading her to be the next Gorgon's descendant. She eventually gave birth to Ornchuma and Inthira. While Ornchuma behaved normally, Inthira (the Gorgon) kept saying abnormal stuffs about the snake and acting suspicously. The mom was so fed up with her that she divorced the father and took Ornchuma with her. Inthira, on the other hand, was kicked out of the house with her father. Fast forward to the present, the mom thinks that she has finally been able to live peacefully. She is wrong. Because Inthira has come back to claim what is hers after her dad passed away. While Ornchuma and Itsara welcome her younger sister, Inthira is planning a revenge on her mother. Little do they know that Inthira possesses a supernatural power which can turn human being into stone (dead).

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