កណ្តាប់ដៃផ្លេកបន្ទោរ Kondab Daiy Plek Bontor 2023 - Muay Sading Mat Sing Saifah

Title: កណ្តាប់ដៃផ្លេកបន្ទោរ Kondab Daiy Plek Bontor 2023 អ្នកប្រដាល់វ័យក្មេងទាំង៤ Nak Brodal Vaiy Kmeng Tang 4 - Muay Sading Mat Sing Saifah มวยสะดิ้ง หมัดซิ่ง สายฟ้า Frisky Boxer

Twenty years ago, there were still 4 champion boxers who were well-known all over the city: Saithong Khanongkhao (Khao Sai Galaxy), the best in boxing, Somkid Phichitkaeng (Somchit Jongjor). Hor) Muay Thai's top kick, shattering shin kicks, hammer strikes, executioner's elbows (Khao Kho Galaxy), the famous boxer's elbow striker, and Severe, the unrivaled puncher (Samart Phayak Arun), a boxer who can knock out punches in every match. Even though the four of them met in the ring sometimes But the four of them have a close friendship that is evident in society. But then a problem arose that led to great dissatisfaction. It was a problem that caused the friendship of the four to be torn apart, leaving no good pieces until they had to hang up their gloves and stop being boxers. Without anyone knowing what the problem was. The four of them dispersed and went in different directions. There was only a promise of honor that they would fight again in 20 years to prove who truly was the king of Muay Thai. Now, 20 years have passed. A new generation has been born with a legend that remains only to be told. Safa (Tawan Nawinwich), a young rider, fell into disrepair because of complaints from customers. I accidentally became a boxer at the Nai Khanom Tom camp. The serious boxing camp An unrivaled punch, following the invitation of Chao (Ramikhae), a close friend who has dreamed of being a boxer for a long time. Saifah gets to know Preaw (Tanya Rsiam), the terrible daughter who is Preaw as her name suggests.

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