ចំណារបេះដូង Chom Nar Besdong 2006 - Likit Hua Jai [EP.18End]

Title: ចំណារបេះដូង, ចំណារដួងចិត្ត Chom Nar Besdong 2006 - Likit Hua Jai ลิขิตหัวใจ Destined Heart

Sittipong is in a long-term relationship with a girl. Having bought a ring, he hurries to the office to propose to his beloved. But, unfortunately, he sees her agreeing to become his father's wife. Due to this betrayal, Sittipong fills his grief with alcohol, and in order not to attend the wedding, he leaves with a friend on a trip. Pitaporn, or Ploy, is the organizer of this trip. She is horrified by the tourist who is always drunk. But Sittipong gradually comes to his senses and by the end of the journey, he is completely fascinated by Ploy. Upon returning home, Ploy will face a lot of problems - her family is completely ruined, her father died, and in a letter, he says that he had another family. Ploy's half-sister turns out to be Sittipong's ex-girlfriend, who married because of money but is not happy. Upon learning that Sittipong is in love with her sister, who already had the love of their father, she begins to wreak havoc.

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