តុលាការមុខដែក ប៉ាវចិន ១៩៩៣ Tolakar Mok Dek Pao Chin 1993 - Justice Bao

Title: តុលាការមុខដែក ប៉ាវចិន ១៩៩៣, Justice Bao, Bao Qing Tian, 包青天,

The show stars Jin Chao-chun as the legendary Song dynasty official Bao Zheng. It was hugely popular in many countries in East Asia and Southeast Asia. The series was originally planned to have just 15 episodes. However, the show had high ratings when the initial episodes aired. Due to its popularity, CTS extended the show to 236 episodes. The rival TVB and ATV Home networks in Hong Kong both bought the series in an attempt to gain viewers. Competition between the two networks during the series’ run was so intense that identical episodes were shown on both channels on the same night. It was also one of the first dramas that used NICAM technology (Dual Sound Switch Cantonese/Mandarin).

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