ទេវតាធាតុទាំង៥ Tevoda Theat Tang 5 2020 - Guardians of the Ancient Oath [EP.67End]

Title: ទេវតាធាតុទាំង៥ Tevoda Theat Tang 5 2020 - Guardians of the Ancient Oath [EP.67End]

In ancient times, the demon Jiu Ying causes chaos in the world. The five deity lords - Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth combine their powers to seal Jiu Ying but sacrifice themselves. The spirits of the deities scatter into the mortal realm and disappear. Thousands of years later, the You Kingdom, established by the Baili family, is constantly at war with the Wolf Tribe. After the Emperor and Crown Prince consecutively pass away, the young Emperor Baili Hao He ascends the throne; his maternal clan takes advantage of his young age and slowly seizes power in the Imperial Court. The two sons of the deceased Crown Prince (the Prince of Pingyuan), Baili Hong Xuan and Baili Hong Shuo, face constant suspicion and suppression despite their loyalty to the throne. Meanwhile, the new leader of the Wolf Tribe, Ming Ye Feng, finds out the true identity of Baili Hong Yi, the daughter of the Prince of Pingyuan. This secret pushes the Baili family into a deep abyss. As Jiu Ying begins to break out of the seal, the deities awaken one by one. Rediscovering their elemental powers, the five deities gather once again to fulfill their thousand-year-old promise - to protect the world and ensure its peace...

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