ប្រុសសាវ៉ាប្រហារស្នេហ៍ - Bros Sava Brohar Sneh 2023 - Conniving Bedfellows

Title: ប្រុសសាវ៉ាប្រហារស្នេហ៍, ชายแพศยา, Male Prostitute , The Whore , Chai Paetsaya , Chai Phaetsaya, ชายแพศยา

In her youth, Orayanee had dropped out of university to get married. From that marriage, she had two daughters: Petchroi, a soft-spoken girl like her mother, then Ployrung whose nature is tough and enterprising. Throughout her marriage, she was only ever permitted to care for her husband and children, nothing more. When her husband dies, everyone begins to ignore Orayanee, including her daughters who've inherited the house and his business. It is at this time that Phumek, an old friend of Orayanee returns to her life. Petchroi finds herself disappointed with love when her boyfriend cheats on her. Soon Tacha appears in her life with some hidden agenda.

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