បង្ក្រាបឧក្រិដ្ឋជននៅសៀងហៃ Bongkrab Oukrit Chon Nov Sieng Hai 2011 [EP.72End]

Title: បង្ក្រាបឧក្រិដ្ឋជននៅសៀងហៃ Bongkrab Oukrit Chon Nov Sieng Hai 2011 [EP.72End]

Guan Qingshan and Guan Qingyue are twin brothers and sisters. Guan Qingshan, who was in charge of the patrol, disappeared inexplicably. In order to find out the truth, his younger sister Guan Qingyue disguised herself as her brother Guan Qingshan and entered the patrol room where he used to work. Guan Qingyue's tact and good skills have enabled her to succeed in solving cases repeatedly. However, the gangs in Shanghai are deeply intertwined and mixed with fish and dragons. Firmly supported her, and since then, the two have fought side by side to clarify black and white and uphold justice as patrolling officers. Guan Qingyue revolves around the strange clues in these cases, perseveringly investigates and secretly investigates, unraveling the mysteries in the strange incidents layer by layer, and finally discovers that the biggest black hand behind the scenes is the Japanese, and her brother's disappearance is also because the Japanese sent people Assassinated Guan Qingshan who was chasing this matter. Knowing the truth, Guan Qingyue, with family feud and righteousness in her heart, went through untold hardships to find her elder brother Guan Qingshan who survived the catastrophe. Unexpectedly, Guan Qingshan lost her memory due to injury. At the same time, Guan Qingyue gradually discovered that Guan Qingshan had an unknown past and was coerced by the Japanese. Guan Qingyue managed to cure his amnesia. Inspired by his brother-sister relationship and patriotism, Guan Qingshan, regardless of personal safety, mobilized all the patriotic forces in Shanghai, and everyone worked together to blow up the Japanese bomb. Facilities such as arsenals used by the military to do evil. At the same time, Guan Qingyue and He Zhongxin finally got married.

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