អង្គរក្សបេះដូង Angka Rak Besdong 2023 - Because of Love

Title: អង្គរក្សបេះដូង Angka Rak Besdong 2023 - Because of Love ព្រោះតែស្រឡាញ់, เพราะรัก, Dangerous Love , Love Luck , Kroa Ruk , Phro Rak , เคราะห์รัก Prous Te Srolagn 2023

Nuring was adopted into Singh's family protection in order to have ability that allows her to save people around from any danger. She decided to run away after being arranged to marry Singh because she was scared of disappointment. Now she works as a bodyguard for a foreign customer. Singh took over his family's business since he was 20. He's strict and smart but is always being harmed by his rival, so he needs to get Nuring back. After Nuring came back to Singh, she must be a bodyguard for his rival's daughter, meanwhile disguising herself to protect Singh. She's doing this due to gratitude to his family who raised her. Meanwhile, he doesn't want her to do it because he's scared something might happen to her, but he accepts it because of his grandfather.

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