វិញ្ញាណស្នេហ៍គីផៅ Vihean Sneh Kipav 2012 - Qi Pao [EP.23End]

Title: វិញ្ញាណស្នេហ៍គីផៅ Vihean Sneh Kipav 2012 - Qi Pao អាថ៌កំបាំងបេះដូង Atkombang Besdong กี่เพ้า Qipao , Kiphao , Chinese Dress , 旗袍 ,

“The traces of love and the power of revenge are buried in the beautiful Qi Pao. No matter how much time has passed, the thin petals of the Botan flower (peony) are still waiting to return...” Paeka or "Pink" is a Thai curator who works at the Asian Institute of Textile & Apparel in Thailand. She is a tall, hard-working Thai woman and greatly adored by Harold, the managing director of the institution. Due to an upcoming exhibition that the institute has been working very hard for, Paeka meets a tall handsome man with eyes like those of a Chinese person called Jao Ming Tian. Jao Ming Tian is the son of Jao Wern Yeuy, who is of royal descent and also the owner of the 30 Qipao dresses that have been presented to the institute for the exhibition. Paeka admires the handsomeness, the charm, and the clever intellectual abilities of Jao Ming Tian but she feels that he is troubled on the inside. Aside from seeming extremely shocked when he first saw her, Jao Ming Tian seems to look at her very differently, but also keeps to himself and seems unapproachable. One night, while Paeka stays in the institute overtime to take inventory of the 30 Qipao that were sent by Jao Wern Yuey, she finds an extra Qi Pao secretly packed and kept underneath one of the dresses. The beautiful pink Qipao with pretty Botan flowers, however, has a rip that seems to be made by a knife and is also inhibited by its previous owner, May Lee, who has been unable to pass on after being murdered on her wedding day.

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