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ប្រពន្ធមិនមែនប្រពន្ធ Bropon Min Men Bropon 2011 - Mia Mai Chai Mia

Title: ប្រពន្ធមិនមែនប្រពន្ធ Bropon Min Men Bropon 2011 - Mia Mai Chai Mia เมียไม่ใช่เมืย Wife, Not My Wife

Wikanda is a rich woman with a cheating husband named Apiwat. Kaewta is married to Wanchai, they have a wonderful marriage. Kaewta works for Wikanda at her spa. After a car accident where Wikanda is chasing down her husband’s mistress and Kaewta is in the car with her, they lose consciousness and wake up to discover they have swapped bodies. Seeing that Wikanda is not in her right mind, Apiwat takes her home and drugs her with various psychotic pills. He wants her inheritance and this is his best chance to steal it. One night, Wikanda in Kaewta’s body sneaks into her home to find Apiwat snuggling it up with Saisawat, her personal secretary of all people. Before leaving, she steals all of her financial papers and devises a plan to make Kaewta (in her body) hire her as a servant, so that she can protect her assets and get back at her snake of a husband. Kaewta just wants to get back with her loving husband Wanchai. Though in Wikanda’s body, she tries to contact her husband and calls for him but he keeps rejecting her because physically what he sees is not his wife.

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