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ស្អប់ព្រោះស្រឡាញ់ Sorb Prous Srolagn 2014 - Love Is Back

Title: ស្អប់ព្រោះស្រឡាញ់ Sorb Prous Srolagn 2014 - Love Is Back 爱情回来了

Three couples deal with the societal and familial pressures to get married. Ming Liang and Gao Jian are archrivals at work but they share the same viewpoint about marriage: they are opposed to it and would rather enjoy carefree relationships. As their strong feelings for each other turn romantic, they become secret lovers and eventually are forced to rethink their views on marriage. Bao Nian Nian falls for the handsome Fang Si Qi and accidentally gets pregnant. Pressured by both families to get married, Nian Nian suffers a miscarriage on the day that she and Si Qi get their marriage certificate. With the reason for their marriage now gone, will Si Qi and Nian Nian continue their relationship? Yu Xiao Nuo is dating Cheng Lei, an impoverished aspiring singer, but she is unwilling to marry him because he is so poor. While Xiao Nuo searches for a rich boyfriend, Cheng Lei suddenly becomes famous. Will the three couples choose marriage or a different route to personal happiness?

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