ទេពអប្សរអ្នកលេង Tep Absor Nak Leng 2011 - Nang Fah Kap Mafia

Title: ទេពអប្សរអ្នកលេង Tep Absor Nak Leng 2011 - Nang Fah Kap Mafia นางฟ้ากับมาเฟีย The Angel and the Mafia , Nangfa Kap Mafia , Nang Fah Gub Mafia , Nangfah Gub Mafia , Nang Fah Gup Mafia , Nang Fah Mafia ,

Ram is a CIA agent who have just came back from the United States with a mission. As he is the only Thai agent, his Captain assigns him the mission to be an undercover and get rid of a mafie group in Thailand. Although Ram does not want to go back to Thailand, because he thinks his stepmother contributed to the death of his Luks, his twin brother, he has no choice. Maekala/ Mae is an orphan who is now a flight attendant. She likes to help others, but when it comes to unraveling the truth, she can be quite stubborn. It is Mae’s first day as a flight attendant. Ram follows his targets onto the flight to Korea. Through some unaccounted for mistakes on the plane, the pen that was supposed to be used to spy on his targets ends up with Mae. Ram has no choice, but to follow Mae and her gay friend Lum as they tour around Korea. Ram is finally able to snatch the pen from Mae and put it in his targets’ hotel room. How this the bickering pair, Ram and Mae unknowingly fall for one another to misunderstanding one another to finally admitting they love one another?

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សូមរង់ចាំបន្តិច វីដេអូកំពុងដំណើរការ