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ស្នេហ៍អស្ដង្គត Sneh Asodon Kot 2022 - Friend to Enemy [EP.22End]

Title: ស្នេហ៍អស្ដង្គត Sneh Asodon Kot 2022 - Friend to Enemy ฟ้า/ทาน/ตะวัน, Fah Tan Tawan , Fah Than Tawan

Weiha, Tawan and Nithang are best friends. While the three of them spent some fun times together; Weiha and Tawanha both have more feelings for Nithan than friends. But one day, suddenly, both Weiha's mother and Tawan's mother died. Due to their simultaneous and mysterious deaths, Weiha and Tawan were separated from each other. How will the bond between the three friends change amid difficult life challenges? Will the friendship between Weiha and Tawan, who are in love with Nithang, turn into a three-way love triangle?

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