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អ្នកបង្ក្រាបមហាឡូយ Nak Bongkrab Moha Louy 2024 - The Invincible

Title: អ្នកបង្ក្រាបមហាឡូយ Nak Bongkrab Moha Louy 2024 - The Invincible The Invincible (2024) - มือปราบมหาอุตม์ Mueprap Mahaut

In a time of great famine and chaos after the World War II, there is an increase in robberies and looting, where police enforcement is futile against the bandits. Both the bandits and the police turn to magic for self-protection. Two brothers are separated as children and thrown into two different worlds – the dark, seedy world of the bandits and the other under the wing of the lawman, only to be reunited years later as enemies, where circumstances force them to fight each other, but for the same cause - to right the wrong and avenge the death of their father. Krathing, a vigilante in an officer's uniform, is the rival of Mai, a saint in bandit garb who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. They fight not only for their duty, but also for the heart of Kamlai, the woman they both desire. Only one can be victorious.

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