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កូនក្រមុំឆ្នាស់ Kon Kromom Chnas 2012 - Bratty Bride

Title: កូនក្រមុំឆ្នាស់ Kon Kromom Chnas 2012 - Bratty Bride 刁蛮新娘, Diao Man Xin Niang

Yan Man, a street orphan girl enters Shanghai's most wealthy and prominent Dai family household on the pretext of being a maid but in reality, is searching for the person responsible for her little brother's death. She wins over the hearts of the two young masters of the Dai family and becomes the object of their struggle. She later realizes that her life is in danger as she slowly uncovers the mystery behind her brother's death. To protect her, second young master Dai Jun Tao stages a fake marriage with Yan Man but because of her upbringing and willful character, she finds it difficult to fit into the Dai household.

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