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ក្រមុំកូនមួយ Komom Kon Mouy 2010 - Khun Por Whan Whaw [EP.25End]

Title: ក្រមុំកូនមួយ Komom Kon Mouy 2010 - Khun Por Whan Whaw คุณพ่อหวานแหวว The Girly Father

Ramida is a guardian to a young 5 year-old boy named Manyu. He calls her mom but technically she is just his guardian. Three days before she was scheduled to marry his father Chansak, he dies and she is given custody of Manyu, whom she adores and has known since he was a baby. Manyu’s mother is Seeda, she left Manyu’s father when Manyu was still a baby for America. Before she passed away, she asked her younger brother San to go find Manyu and bring him to America to inherit her will. Seeda also asked San to take care and become father to Manyu on her behalf. Thus the battle begins between the uncle and the stepmother who equally want to be a parent to Manyu. San believes he can do a better job at raising Manyu because he is a man–a little boy needs a father. A woman can only teach a boy so much. Ramida argues she can be both mother and father to little Manyu by occasionally dressing up as a guy to which Manyu calls “Por Dap (Daddy Dap)”.

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