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ជោគវាសនាតារាទាំង៥ Chouk Veasna Dara Tang 5 - Miraculous 5 [EP.39End]

Title: ជោគវាសនាតារាទាំង៥ Chouk Veasna Dara Tang 5 - Miraculous 5 កំពូលអ្នកសង្គ្រោះទាំង៥, កំពូលវិជ្ជាអាគមទាំង៥, Kompoul Vichea Akom Tang 5, เสาร์ 5, Saturday 5 , Saturn 5 , Sao 5 , Kompoul Nak Songkrous Tang 5

Five men born on the same day, Saturday the 5th, are adopted by Apichai, and join the holy road to becoming immortals. Each of them has a special power. Diao Somdet can hear voices from far away. Thoed Yodthong can disappear when he holds his breath. Don Thakradan can vast distances and spaces in his meditation. Yod Nangphaya can walk through anything that stands in his way. Kring Khlongtakhian is fast and is able to transform into whoever he wants. The five men have a mission to chase after the group of Jarga who stole a disease bomb from a laboratory in Europe and hid it in Thailand. They embark on this mission with the help of Bussakorn, daughter of Apichai who is an expert on the subject, and Duangkamol who disguises herself to investigate this case.

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