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ចំណងស្នេហ៍អម្រែកកម្ម Chomnorng Sneh Omrek Kam 2023 - Mungkorn Lhong Ngao

Title: ចំណងស្នេហ៍អម្រែកកម្ម Chomnorng Sneh Omrek Kam 2023 - Mungkorn Lhong Ngao ឧបករណ៍ស្នេហ៍សងសឹក, หลงเงา, The Demon , Long Ngao , มังกรหลงเงา,Ou Pakkor Sneh Song Seok 2023

Srijan was the mistress of Ah Tong—heir of the wealthy Phetchamekha family—and gave birth to his eldest son Sun. However, because she was only a housekeeper, she was despised by the whole family, especially his mother Madam Pei Ing. Offered a large sum of money in exchange for her son being raised by his legal wife, she accepted it before running away with her son. Srijan raises Sun with hatred, lying to him that his paternal family had rejected him and chased them away, filling him with a desire for revenge, all the while hoping he will someday take over the Petchamekha family and make them bow to her. Today, Sun's revenge begins. He plans to seduce his half-brother Yang's girlfriend Chatwarang, expose his youngest half-brother Fu's sexuality and have his father accused of serious crimes. Amidst all his revenge, though, he doesn't realise that he might lose not only his soul but Nam, his childhood sweetheart.

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