The Man Series: ជីវិតកូនប្រុស Chivit Kon Bros 2019 - Pupa [EP.24End]

Title: The Man Series: ជីវិតកូនប្រុស Chivit Kon Bros 2019 - Pupa ซีรีส์ลูกผู้ชาย ตอน ภูผา The Man Series: Part 1 , Look Poochai Series: Pupa

Pupa is a tall and handsome young man who has been deemed as an unlucky person, because on his day of birth, his hometown went on fire. As such, he was detested and scolded frequently at home by his father especially. Pupa does not see eye to eye with Somkit, a schoolmate, and they eventually broke into a fight after a disagreement. However one day, he saw Somkit running away from some gangsters and decided to help him escape. As such, they became close friends. Unfortunately, Somkit's father subsequently got into a work accident at his construction site, rendering him unable to bring income to his family. The two boys then decided to dabble in gambling and running errands for the gangsters to make ends meet and pull through his family's difficult financial circumstances.

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