សង្គ្រាមស្នេហ៍បាហ្គី Songkream Sneh Baaghi 2016 - Baaghi [EP.01End]

Title: សង្គ្រាមស្នេហ៍បាហ្គី Songkream Sneh Baaghi 2016 - Baaghi [EP.01End]

FRaghav Shetty is a Kalaripayattu champion and a dreaded gangster, who abducts Sia Khurana from her film set in Hyderabad and takes her to Bangkok. Sia's father, P.P. Khurana, along with the producer Dasanna seeks the government officers and cops for help, but no one is ready to assist them as Raghav is an influential man and there is unavailability of extradition treaty between India and Thailand in existence. Khurana then suggests to Dasanna that Sia's ex-boyfriend, Ranveer "Ronny" Singh is the only rebellious martial artist who can destroy Raghav and rescue Sia. Initially hesitant, Ronny agrees as he needs money to treat Subbu, a mute young boy who is being treated for his vocal cords.

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សូមរង់ចាំបន្តិច វីដេអូកំពុងដំណើរការ