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កូនប្រុសបេះដូងមិនចុះចាញ់ Kon Bros Besdong Min Chus Chagn 1998 - Poo Chai Hua Jai Mai Pae

Title: កូនប្រុសបេះដូងមិនចុះចាញ់ Kon Bros Besdong Min Chus Chagn 1998 - Men's Heart is not Inferior ,

Pakin is a young mechanic who's kind and loving. He lives with Piak, his father who opened a restaurant. He helps his father out whenever he can. One day, Pakin meets Kullanat or Kaew, a high school student who had just moved to the same alley. Pakin helped Kaew escape from a motorcycle group that teased her a lot, and they eventually became close. When Pakin went to a friend's pub, he got into a feud with Akkadech, who starts targeting him. On Kaew's birthday, Pakin goes to the mall to buy a gift for her. He chose a cat-shaped necklace because he knew Kaew was a cat person. Unfortunately he met Akkadech, who stepped on the necklace, making Pakin very angry. They all got into a fight and in the middle of the confusion, Akkadech's gun was fired and killed one of his men. Akkadech's father is powerful and influential. Therefore, when the case went to court, the security guard who saw the incident lied during his testimony and put the blame on Pakin. He was found guilty and sentenced to 5 years in prison. While Pakin was imprisoned, Kaew wrote him a letter, but she never received an answer. She then decides to concentrate on her college admission exams and stops writing to him. But Kaew still thinks of Pakin and wears the necklace he gave to her. 5 years have passed and Pakin leaves prison. He went to see his father and was disappointed that he remarried. His stepmother is Rattana, who doesn't like Pakin. Pakin meets Kaew again, who's now a university student. He's very happy that she's the same as before. He began to have hope in life, until he learns that Kaew is now dating Akkadech, who pretends to not know him. So Pakin doesn't tell Kaew that her boyfriend is the one responsible for jailing him.

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