វីរជនហ៊ួរយានជា Virak Chon Huo Yuan Jia 2007 - Huo Yuan Jia

Title: វីរជនហ៊ួរយានជា Virak Chon Huo Yuan Jia 2007 - Huo Yuan Jia 霍元甲 The Legendary Fok 2008 , Fok Yuen Gep

Huo En Di and Zhao Sheng Xian were once disciples in the same martial arts sect who were as close as brothers. However, that all changed after their dying shifu chose En Di as his successor, with no witnesses except En Di present at his deathbed. Since then, the Huo and Zhao families have been at odds and periodically compete against each other in martial arts showdowns. Huo Yuan Jia, En Di's 4th son, was a sickly child. Therefore, his father never taught him martial arts and instead instructed him to pursue a scholarly path. This hurt Yuan Jia's pride, and he secretly began learning martial arts from a mysterious master who had saved his life. One day, during one of the usual feud-driven showdowns, En Di and Sheng Xian's eldest disciple brother makes a surprise appearance with revenge in mind, as he feels he should have been the rightful successor of their original sect. When it seems that no one can defeat him, Yuan Jia is forced to reveal the martial arts prowess he has kept hidden for years.

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