វីរបុរសឡឺកឺ Virak Boros Leu Keu 2023 អានុភាពបាយដំណើបមាស Aknu Pheap Bay Domneub Meas 2023 - Khao Niao Thong Kham

Title: វីរបុរសឡឺកឺ Virak Boros Leu Keu 2023 អានុភាពបាយដំណើបមាស, ข้าวเหนียวทองคำ, Khao Niao Thong Kham, Kaw Niaw Thong Kam , Mighty Sticky Man

Ken works in an iron factory with a penchant for coming to people's rescue. His fortune changes when he receives extraordinary powers from a grain of golden sticky rice.

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