ស្នេហាបន្លាស់ទី Sneha Bonlas Ti 2018 - Rak Rae [EP.26End]

Title: ស្នេហាបន្លាស់ទី Sneha Bonlas Ti 2018 - Rak Rae รักเร่

Ramin served as the ambassador's secretary in Vienna, where he crossed paths with Wayoon, a language scholarship student. Due to his affluent upbringing, Ramin assumed every woman sought his wealth, including Wayoon. Despite this, he pursued her, and Wayoon eventually fell deeply in love. They shared a passionate night together, resulting in Wayoon's pregnancy. When she approached Ramin with the news, he suggested an abortion, backed by his aunt's offer of money to keep her away. Heartbroken, Wayoon initially considered abortion but had a vivid dream of a child calling her "mom," leading her to keep the baby. She continued her education while pregnant, supported by her best friend Nicholas, who harbored his own feelings for her. After giving birth and graduating, Wayoon became a UN translator. Years later, she reencountered Ramin, now the Thai Ambassador, who still loved her but believed she'd had an abortion. However, he discovered she'd kept the child, now three years old. Ramin sought reconciliation, but Wayoon, now with Nicholas, remained unforgiving.

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