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ស្នេហ៍ផ្អែមជាងស្ករ Sneh Porem Cheang Skor 2013 - Because Love Is So Beautiful

Title: ស្នេហ៍ផ្អែមជាងស្ករ Sneh Porem Cheang Skor 2013 - Because Love Is So Beautiful 因为爱情有多美,Because Love Is Sunny Day , Yin Wei Ai Qing You Duo Mei , 因為愛情有多美

Lin Duo Mei is a healthy and innocent young heiress who's happily married with her husband Chen Xiao Fei ; her brother Lin Duo Jun is also about to get married with Wen Xin. Wen Xin has been exploited and mistreated by her adopted family and has lived in misery ever since she she got separated from her blood brother. To escape her miserable life, she seduces and marries Lin Duo Jun. But on the wedding day, she's horrified to realize that her new brother-in-law, Lin Duo Mei's husband, Chen Xiao Fei, is none other than her first love and ex-boyfriend from whom she had been forced to separate by his mother who wanted him to marry Lin Duo Mei so that he would get her father's company and avenge his father. Their reunion makes their feelings resurface and they end up having an affair. This is when Lin Duo Mei meets Ye Nan Di who falls in love with her, despite knowing she's married. When Wen Xin and Chen Xiao Fei's relationship and schemes end up ruining Duo Mei's family, Ye Nan Di stays by her side to help her revive her family, retrieve her father's business and punish those who wronged her.

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