ស័ង្ខសិល្បជ័យ Sang Sil Chey 2007 - Sung Tong [EP.57End]

Title: ស័ង្ខសិល្បជ័យ Sang Sil Chey 2007 - Sung Tong สังข์ทอง Golden Shell , Sang Thong

"Sung Tong" is about a couple who are the king and queen. They ruled a country, and they wanted a son to come and govern their country. But, instead, queen Juntayvee gave birth to a shell, not a son. The king was mad but still loved his first wife. But the second wife, Junta, convinced him about the shell. So the king kicked Juntayvee and her shell out of the palace. The second wife was also pregnant, she was hoping to give birth to a son so that the king would be happy, but the second wife also gave birth to a girl. The girl was named Juntee. Juntayvee went and lived with an aunt and uncle out in the forest. She didn't die either way. At first, Junta ordered the soldiers to kill Juntayvee, but they couldn't, so she is still alive... five years later.

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