រយល្បិចស្នេហ៍អន្ទាក់បេះដូង Roy Lbech Sneh Ontak Besdong 2020 - Roy Leh Marnya [EP.36End]

Title: រយល្បិចស្នេហ៍អន្ទាក់បេះដូង Roy Lbech Sneh Ontak Besdong 2020 រយល្បិចមាយា Roy Lbech Meayea - Roy Leh Marnya ร้อยเล่ห์มารยา Hundred of Tricks , Deceitful Love

Pitcha is confident, modern, and outgoing CEO. Unfortunately, her playboy husband does not share her integrity. For a long time, she hoped he would become a good and loyal husband. But when she realized that he was unlikely to ever change, she pursues a divorce. This decision leads Pitcha to Ramin, a lawyer, and her childhood friend. While Ramin is helping Pitcha get a divorce, he falls in love with her. With Pitcha’s failed marriage, she is scared to even consider another love in her life. And Ramin has his own struggles from past relationships. So what will happen to Ramin and Pitcha when fear and uncertainty undermine desire?

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