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ពិសោធន៍ស្នេហ៍ពិត Pisoat Sneh Pit 2018 - Prakasit Kammathep [EP.40End]

Title: ពិសោធន៍ស្នេហ៍ពិត Pisoat Sneh Pit 2018 - Prakasit Kammathep ประกาศิตกามเทพ Cupid's Command

Hayman is an orphan who was adopted thanks to a cripple's kindness. He lived a poor life until he met Panita, the granddaughter of Hemthong Bunyachutpong, a shoe production company owner. Hayman is the real heir of the Bunyachutpong family. Panita's grandfather had told her parents that she is old enough to have a lover. But no matter how good of a man her grandfather finds for her, she still wants to choose the person she loves on her own. Despite Panita's initial dislike for Hayman, she eventually falls for him.

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